Middlesex - A Brief History

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Middlesex was once a part of Piscataway Township, until May 6, 1913 when it was incorporated as a separate municipality by the New Jersey Legislature and a local referendum. Present-day Middlesex Borough was once home to the Raritan Indian tribe until it was sold in 1664 to King James II of England. The Borough grew from small forms into a quaint suburb in the years following World War II. Today, Middlesex is a thriving community with nearly 15,000 residents, dozens of local businesses and many redevelopment projects.

With 3.8 square miles, Middlesex has much to offer including: high ranking public schools, beautiful parks, close proximity to two train stations, an impressive library, an always expanding recreation department and an active senior citizen center. Middlesex is also moments away from the TD Bank Ballpark, home of the Somerset Patriots baseball team.

Middlesex Borough Street Map

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