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  1. When do I call the Collector? - When do I call the Assessor?
    The collector can answer questions about tax collections, tax bills, tax payments, interest, sewer bills, etc. Additionally, the Collector can also assist in answering questions pertaining to veteran’s deductions, senior citizen deductions, and disabled deductions.

    The assessor can answer questions about ownership, block and lot, assessments of land and building, lot sizes, confirm sales prices, etc. The assessor can also assist in answering questions about veterans, senior citizens, and disabled deductions.

  2. May I file my tax appeal form with the Assessor’s office?
    No. While the municipality gets a copy, the original MUST be filed with the Middlesex County Board of Taxation or Tax Court as the case may be.

  3. I am appealing my assessment and I feel that I should not have to pay my taxes until my appeal is heard and resolved.
    Payment of 1st quarter taxes and other municipal charges is a prerequisite to the appeal process. Your appeal will not be accepted unless taxes are paid.

  4. I agree with the land assessment, but I disagree with the building assessment (or the other way around.) Can I appeal one, but not the other?
    No. Land and building assessments cannot be appealed separately.

  5. Can I appeal my property tax bill?
    No. A tax appeal is NOT an appeal of your tax bill. The amount of taxes you pay is never an issue during an appeal because neither the Tax Assessor nor the County Tax Board has control over budgets submitted by municipalities, counties, schools, or fire districts.

  6. What is the deadline to file an appeal?
    The filing deadline is April 1st of the tax year in question. “Filed” means that the appeal form must be RECEIVED on or before April 1st. Date of mailing is not used in determining whether an appeal is timely.