Middlesex - A Brief History

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Middlesex was once a part of Piscataway Township, until May 6, 1913 when it was incorporated as a separate municipality by the New Jersey Legislature and a local referendum. Present-day Middlesex Borough was once home to the Raritan Indian tribe until it was sold in 1664 to King James II of England. The Borough grew from small forms into a quaint suburb in the years following World War II. Today, Middlesex is a thriving community with nearly 15,000 residents, dozens of local businesses and many redevelopment projects.

Master Theme

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This is the Master theme of our fast and slick Warp theme framework! It is optimized and streamlined to serve as a blueprint to build your own custom themes.

The Master theme takes full advantage of all the latest Warp6 features like a completely responsive layout, semantic HTML5 markup, a nice and clean administration UI and much more.

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