Shade Tree Commission

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Shade Tree Commission

The Middlesex Shade Tree Commission was created with the passage of a local ordinance. It is the responsibility of the commission to maintain and protect all shade trees on Borough property, in Borough parks and along all Borough streets. All trees on a Borough street or roadway are the responsibility of the Shade Tree Commission.

Residents are advised to contact Borough Hall if they have any concerns regarding a Borough tree. Borough Hall will then put the resident in touch with the Shade Tree Commissioner.

It is against the law for a resident to cut, prune, damage or disturb a Borough tree.

This commission is also responsible for the planting of new trees along Borough streets and roadways in an effort to improve and beautify our town.

Please visit our Shade Tree Agendas & Minutes page.

May 11, 2017 Shade Tree Agenda

February 9, 2017 Shade Tree Agenda

Linda Chismar

- Shade Tree Secretary

Phone: 732.356.7400 x238


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