Middlesex Department of Construction

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Middlesex Department of Construction

The Construction Department is here to assist Township property owners when they are making any construction changes or renovations to their property and structures. Our office has jurisdiction over building, plumbing, electric and fire changes or improvements. The Department's main goal is to ensure that any and all work is code compliant and that proper techniques and procedures are followed for your safety and protection.

Robert Klein

- Construction Official

Address: 1200 Mountain Ave., Middlesex, NJ 08846
Phone: 732.356.7400 x247
Email: construction@middlesexboro-nj.gov

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 am to 4 pm (Except Holidays)
Summer Hours: Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 4 pm; Friday 9 am to 1:30 pm

When paying for permits, checks should be made payable to Borough of Middlesex

Michele Galek & Karen Wick

- Technical Assistant

  • Construction FAQ

    The Middlesex Construction Department is developing a listing of relating to construction, permits and regulations. Additional questions will be added over time.

    What do I need a permit for?
    Almost all renovations or replacements require a permit. Kitchen, bathroom, basement, furnace, water heaters, roofing, siding and chimney renovations or replacements all require some type of permit – even if you are replacing like for like.

    Do I need a permit for a fence or shed?
    Yes. A Zoning Permit is required to install or replace an existing shed or fence. If the shed is larger than 100 square feet, a Building Permit is also required. You should contact the Zoning Officer for the required setbacks before anything is purchased.

    Will my taxes go up if I get a permit?
    Possibly. That is a question for the Tax Assessor.

    How long does it take to get a permit?
    According to NJAC 52:27D-131, the Construction Department has 20 working days. No one wants to hold up the permit process but all the Inspectors work on a part-time basis. It is a priority to review applications during their working hours.

    I am a homeowner so can I do the work myself?
    Yes. But before taking on such a task, make sure you know the most recent Code. The Construction Department cannot explain the Code to you; we ensure that all work you are performing complies with the Code. In some cases it may be in your best interest to hire a contractor.

    What if my contractor says I don’t need a permit for the work I want him to do?
    Obtaining permits is the legal responsibility of the property owner. If work is performed without a required permit, you as the property owner can be fined. Do not allow the contractor to start any work before a construction permit has been issued. If a contractor doesn’t want to get a permit, perhaps you need to find another contractor.

  • Certificates of Occupancy

    The term Certificate of Occupancy or CO is commonly used but has various meanings.

    1. When selling a residential home, the actual CO needed is a Residential Resale Certificate.
    2. When purchasing a vacant home that is not habitable yet, the actual CO needed is a Change of Title.
    3. When opening a new business, the actual CO needed is a Resale Leased Certificate os Occupancy.
    4. When purchasing a non-residential property, the actual CO needed is a Resale Certificate of Continued Occupancy.
    5. When building a new structure, that is a Certificate of Occupancy.

    Once you explain th the Technical Assistants what you actually are doing, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork. Sometimes you may need more than one type of CO, so what ever they give you is what is required.

  • Construction Forms

    The following forms are available online from the Construction Department. If there is a particular form, you would like to see on the web site, please contact the Construction Department.

    Building Subcode Application (PDF)

    Certification in Lieu of Oath (PDF)

    Change of Title Form (PDF)

    Chimney Certification Form (PDF) - Chimney Certification for Replacement of Fuel Fired Equipment

    Construction Permit (PDF)

    Electrical Subcode Application (PDF)

    Fire Subcode Application (PDF)

    Plumbing Subcode Application (PDF)

    Roofing Checklist (PDF) - Ice/Water Shield Certification Roofing Checklist

    Resale Certificate of Continued Occupancy (PDF)

    Resale Leased Certificate (PDF)

    Resale Residential Certificate (PDF)

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