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The Borough of Middlesex is transitioning to electronic forms to save time and reduce costs. The following forms are currently available on the web site:

Middlesex Borough Forms & Applications

Please see below for all forms and applications that are available for the Borough. All forms are categorized into their respective departments. If you are looking for job applications, please visit our Job Listings page here.

Clerk's Office Licenses and Permits

Construction Forms & Applications

Construction Forms

The following forms are available online from the Construction Department. If there is a particular form, you would like to see on the web site, please contact the Construction Department.

Building Subcode Application (PDF)

Certification in Lieu of Oath (PDF)

Change of Title Form (PDF)

Chimney Certification for Replacement of Fuel Fired Equipment (PDF)

Construction Permit (PDF)

Electrical Subcode Application (PDF)

Fire Subcode Application (PDF)

Plumbing Subcode Applicatio (PDF)

Roofing Checklist - Ice/Water Shield Certification Roofing Checklist (PDF)

Resale Certificate (PDF)

Resale Certificate of Continued Occupancy (PDF)

Resale Leased Certificate (PDF)

Employment Application

Employment Application

Please fill out the form below for all job listings. The Borough of Middlesex is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Application

Open Public Records

Planning Board

Recreation Department

Senior Citizens

Forms for Senior Citizens

Senior Emergency Form

Swimming Pool Commission

Swimming Pool

Please call the pool office at (732) 752-3366 during regular pool hours for information

Middlesex Pool Employment Application

Middlesex 2017 Community Pool Brochure and Application

Tax Forms

Tax Forms

Change of Address Form - Borough of Middlesex Tax Office

The State of New Jersey web site provides the following forms that are usually of interest to most including:

  • Tax Appeal forms
  • Veterans Deduction
  • Senior Citizens Deduction (has income limits)
  • Disabled Person Deduction (has income limits)
  • Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner of a Veteran, Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, etc.
  • 100% Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans and Surviving spouses
  • Tax Exemption for places of worship, parsonages, cemeteries, hospitals, certain non-profit agencies, and any other entity that may qualify

New Jersey State Local Property Tax Forms

Transportation Licenses

Transportation Licenses

Wrecker License Application (PDF)

U.S. Passports

U.S. Pasports Website

Passport Application Website (Web)

Vital Statistics Department Forms & Applications

Vital Statistics

Forms and applications will be available shortly. For more information, please call the Clerk's office at 732-356-7400 x236

Voter Registration

Voting Forms

The following forms are available to ensure you a registered to vote. Please remember to fulfill your civic duty and vote in each election.

Check if Registered to Vote

Middlesex Borough Election Districts Map

Middlesex Borough Election Districts Map (PDF)

Party Affiliation Declaration Form

Polling Place Search

Vote by Mail

Voter Registration Information

New Jersey State Division of Elections

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Commercial Variance Application Form

Site Plan or subdivison form when variances are required (PDF)

Residential Variance Application Form

Procedures For Variance Applications (PDF)

Ordinance 1803-11
An application to the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment for any application for development as defined herein shall be accompanied by a filing fee which shall be used to defray the administrative cost of processing the application.

1803-11 Fee Ordinance for Boards- Fee Ordinance along with application and escrow amount fees (PDF)

Zoning/Code Enforcement

Zoning/Code Enforcement Forms

Residential Zoning Form
Non-Residental Zoning Form
Sign Permit Form  
Middlesex Banner Permit  Permit for hanging a grand opening or special event banner
Annual Sandwich Board Sign Permit  Annual business permit for hanging a sandwich board sign
Recreational Vehicle and Boat Registration Form  (PDF) - Updated August 2012
Landlord Rental Registration Form (required yearly)  (PDF)
Abandoned Property Registration Form  (PDF)

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